5 CrossFit Amateurs That Should Give Up Barbells Forever

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CrossFit’s not necessarily a fad, but it IS the most popular that it’s been since its founding in 1996. CrossFit franchise gyms are popping up everywhere.

However, the funny thing about CrossFit is that among the many people that picked up the exercise routine, there are definitely some that should never have started.

When doing CrossFit, there are a variety of movements that are involved, but the use of a barbell can be found in several of them. One exercise that is a major keystone of the Crossfit routine is the “snatch.” Basically, a barbell is raised from the floor to the overhead position in one motion. In a “squat snatch” the athlete receives the bar in a squatting position and stands to finish the lift. “Push-presses” and “hang-cleans” are two others that include the barbell.

To give you an idea of how correct form looks, here is a video of a person using a barbell to do a “hang-clean” to “front-squat” to “push-press.” After you’ve received proper instruction, enjoy the next 5 videos of people who should quit barbells forever…

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