5 Pre-Game National Anthems That Shivers Down Our Spine…The Bad Kind

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Everyone can remember Roseanne Barr’s performance, but –believe it or not — hers wasn’t the worse! While her reaction to the boos may have been the worse possible, there are other celebrities who have crucified the national anthem far worse than she did!

The five worse national anthems ever were sung by:

5. Harper Gruzins

Yea, she was only 11 when she botched the national anthem, but it was a disgrace. Rather than just sing the national anthem as it was meant to be sung, someone convinced her the event was a talent show and she gargled out all kinds of crap.

Plus, she was wearing poop face the entire time she sang.

She wanted to sound like Whitney Houston. She ended up sounding like Roseanne Barr. Just stick with the script girl! It’s the national anthem! Do it a solid and sing it straight!

But then again, she was just 11. That debacle is on her parents.

4.  Whitney Houston

Queen Crack Pipe actually sang pretty well. But, she’s the one that started this whole make-the-anthem-your-own, flip-your-voice-puberty-style, who-cares-how-it’s-supposed-to-sound, screw-up-the-national-anthem-on-purpose trend. If it wasn’t for her beautiful debacle, no one else would have started messing with the national anthem.

3. Alexis Normand

I’ll take their word for it that she has a beautiful voice. Maybe her voice just isn’t made for the national anthem. Maybe she was just nervous. And maybe she doesn’t belong number three on this list, but number one. It’s like was sucking helium out of the microphone as she was singing.

She’s the chicken and the egg conundrum: did she suck because she’s Canadian or does she suck because she’s Canadian?!

2.  Steven Tyler

Like Barr, he angered everyone that was at the stadium and anyone that saw the video afterwards. He gets the benefit of the doubt because he’s Steven Tyler, but that doesn’t exempt him from being number two on the list.

Word to future celebs that plan to sing the national anthem: being drunk, high and stoned makes you sing like you are drunk, high and stoned.

1.  Carl Lewis

Someone please show horse-mouth off the public stage permanently. The former fastest-man-on-Earth and still the most successful track and field Olympian ever needs to stay out of the public spotlight. He has rubbed all the luster off all his golds with his ridiculousness.

This jackass continued setting records even after he retired. He landed himself atop the 5 worse national anthems. Everyone in the stadium was ashamed to be an American as he was singing and ashamed he was an American afterwards.

Then he lands atop the 5 worse ceremonial first pitch debacles. It could easily be the worse ceremonial first pitch ever and there have been more horrible ceremonial first pitches than there have been good ones.

More importantly though, he is the only person in the world to be on both of the ”worst” lists!

And that means?

It means Carl Lewis sucks at everything now.