A New Face For Cleveland Sports

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Greatest Day in Cleveland Sports


There may be a new era for Cleveland, its sports teams, and all those fans that stuck by their city one disappointing season after another. Cleveland is made up of three major sports teams: the Browns of the National Football League, the Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association, and the Indians of the Major League Baseball. All three teams are making power moves and big trades and may have three legitimate championship opportunities to look forward to in their upcoming seasons.

Cleveland has endured an unprecedented combined 156-season drought, having not won a championship title since the Browns won in 1964 before there was the Super Bowl. Their city is said to be cursed.

The Bleacher Report once wrote in 2010, “Poor Cleveland. They can’t catch a break it seems in ANY sports. The Browns have never played in a Super Bowl. The Indians went from 1954 to 1995 without playing in a World Series. They still haven’t won one since 1948. The Cavs one trip to the NBA Finals in history resulted in a sweep at the hands of San Antonio.”

The Cleveland Curse

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Hopefully, this will all change for Cleveland fans as vital progress is being made. The Indians made considerable trades for their 2014 season and their team is performing steadily and posting solid numbers. The Cavaliers just acquired their hometown hero Lebron James and now have four No. 1 NBA Draft picks on their team. Finally, the Browns have acquired Johnny (Football) Manziel for their 2014-2015 season and with lots of hard work along with a little luck, I think they have an opportunity to make a lower seed in the AFC Playoffs.

LeBron James to Cleveland


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