Aaron Rodgers Ties NFL Touchdown Record In Blowout Win

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 Lance Briggs #55 of the Chicago Bears talks with quarterback Aaron Rodgers

Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Aaron Rodgers tied an NFL record by throwing six touchdowns just in the first half in the 55-14 win over the Chicago Bears. The six touchdowns in the first half tied the Green Bay Packers‘ franchise record for six touchdowns in an entire game alone.

The record for most touchdowns thrown in an entire game is seven, and Rodgers nearly tied that in only half a game.

No one has ever thrown seven touchdowns in only half a game, but the last time six touchdowns were thrown in a half was Daryle Lamonica of the Oakland Raiders on Oct. 19, 1969.

The Packers had a 42-0 lead going into halftime– the most points ever allowed by the Bears in a half.

Rodgers exited the game in the middle of the third quarter before he had the chance of throwing number seven, going 18 of 27 with 315 yards passing.

“We just kind of got things going our way,” Rodgers said after the game. “The line did a good job of giving me time to extend plays. If you extend plays, you look down the field and there’s Jordy Nelson. He made some nice catches.”