Bill Self Crushed as Kansas State Fans Storm Court

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The Kansas State Wildcats upset the No. 8 Kansas Jayhawks 70-63 in what went from a basketball win to a celebratory fail.

After the buzzer sounded, K-State fans flooded the court to celebrate the victory. However, this instance of storming the court could be detrimental to college basketball.

Storming the court is a fun tradition that college kids love to take part in when their school upsets another in a big game. But students rushing the court is also highly frowned upon– and for good reason.

After the Jayhawks’ loss, coach Bill Self was crushed by fans as he was pinned against the scoring table.

A Jayhawks player was even bumped by a K-State fan as he was walking off the court.

In cases like this, the NCAA will not hesitate to enforce rules against storming the court in order to protect the players and coaching staff from injury.

This is just another example of something that is suppose to be fun, getting ruined for everybody else because a bunch a kids can’t control themselves and go overboard.