Bruno Mars Uncovered: 5 Things You Might Not Know About Our Super Bowl Star

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Bruno Mars’ twitter account has been saying it all.  He is the man to watch right now in celebrityville and he knows it.  Michael Jackson may have saved the Super Bowl and Madonna and Beyonce did their part to keep things spectacular, but recent tweets from January 28th show he is more than excited about the upcoming Super Bowl game and more specifically his part as the headliner half time show performer.  Bruno tweeted, “Getting Closer”  then “Closer” and finally “TOUCHDOWN!!”

Last year Beyonce stole the show (and the electricity apparently) during the extended half time show but this year its a boy thang so ladies get ready to be mesmerized by Mars’ off the hook explosive performance.  TMZ calls him the hottest act on earth and here are 5 things you might not know about Bruno Mars that you need to know!

5.  Bruno has simple needs

He always asks that the producers provide wet wipes backstage when he is performing.  See, he is cool and clean.

4.  His Background

Bruno has a diverse background with ancestry from both Hawaii and Puerto Rico.  Si, he will be showcasing some Latino flavor during the Super Bowl show according to Fox News entertainment reports.

3. It’s Free

When Bruno takes the stage at Super Bowl XLVIII he will be performing for free!  That’s right.  Neither Bruno nor the Red Hot Chili Peppers will be paid for their performance– well at least not in dollars and cents.  Consider however that ads during this year’s Super Bowl costs a staggering $4 million dollars per thirty-seconds.  Mars will be perform for 12 minutes to the largest viewing audience around.  Now that is publicity.  Bruno told Forbes, you just don’t turn down the Super Bowl.

2. Happy In Love

Bruno is happily coupled with actress Jessica Caban and has been since 2011.  The couple now lives together in Bruno’s Los Angeles mansion.

1.  Just How Did He Get The Super Bowl Gig?

Well according to Marc Ganis of president of the consultancy Sportscorp Ltd.,

“One of the answers is there aren’t that many acts like that,”  “And the NFL has been going through most of them. You don’t want to recycle. If you’re going to look outside that limited sphere, Bruno Mars is a pretty good selection.”

(, 2014)

Bruno hit the ground running with his hit CD in 2010.  But he hasn’t lost any momentum. Not only did his latest album “Unorthodox Jukebox just win the Grammy for best pop vocal album but he was Billboard’s top artist of 2013.  So what was the question again? Oh because he’s the hottest act on earth, that’s why.