Carmelo Anthony Threatened to Fight Teammate After Game

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 Carmelo Anthony #7 of the New York Knicks reacts in the second half against the Miami Heat in Game Four

Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

The 4-19 New York Knicks are off to their worst start in franchise history, and Carmelo Anthony may be the reason.

In a recent 98-93 loss to the Brooklyn Nets on Dec. 2, Anthony had a few explicit words for teammate Tim Hardaway Jr.

Apparently, at one point during the game, frustrated Hardaway yelled to Anthony, “Get the rebound!”

Anthony did not take kindly to the remark– approaching Hardaway and using expletive to ask him who the heck he thought he was talking to. Then, according to a source, he began cursing again at Hardaway, saying that he was going to beat him up when they got back into the locker room.

ESPN analyst Chris Broussard has had sources tell him that this isn’t the only incident between Anthony and someone on the team, saying that while “nobody’s taken a swing at anybody,” there has been “a lot of arguing and cursing each other out after games.”

Multiple sources have talked to Broussard about how things are with Anthony and the team:

Several Knicks, in addition to Hardaway, are at odds with Anthony and believe he’s not playing team basketball. Sources said players voiced their displeasure with Anthony this past weekend, telling him he shoots too much, doesn’t move or pass the ball, and only plays defense when he feels like it.

Sources said the most tension exists between Anthony and Hardaway as they haven’t cared for one another almost since Hardaway joined the team last season, with each player believing the other shoots too much and doesn’t care about defense. Sources said Hardaway was also bothered by the favorable treatment Anthony received under last year’s coach, Mike Woodson.

Whatever the case in the locker room, Anthony better find a way to make it work. Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’neal did.