Carmelo Anthony’s Poor College Grades Revealed

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Carmelo Anthony reacts after losing to Rockets

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Carmelo Anthony was a better basketball player at Syracuse than he was a student.

Jim Boeheim, coach of the Syracuse Orangemen, revealed in his bookBleeding Orange, Anthony’s freshman year grades. Apparently, Anthony received four Cs and a D in the first semester of his freshman year for a 1.8 GPA.

In the book, Boeheim writes:

“Maybe if we hadn’t won the title, he would’ve come back. “I honestly don’t know, and I don’t think Carmelo knows. Carmelo did his work, went to class and never gave us any trouble. He made four C’s and a D in his first semester, and if anyone wants to roll his eyes at that, plenty of freshmen who aren’t carrying a basketball team on their back do a lot worse. But we couldn’t put him in for the Wooden Award because his grades weren’t good enough. Nevertheless, this much is certain: No college basketball player in America was better than freshman Carmelo Anthony over the course of the 2002-03 season.”

The former coach has nothing but praise for Anthony. The revealing of his low grades may have been unnecessary, but Boeheim must have been crediting Anthony for how hard he worked at basketball, right?

In 2003 Anthony led Syracuse to a national championship as a freshman and left Syracuse for the NBA where he was selected No. 3 overall in the draft by the Denver Nuggets. He now plays for the New York Knicks.