Cyclist Breaks His Own World Record with Epic Stair Climb

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I couldn’t even walk up this many stairs without dying let alone riding a bike up them!

Yes, I did say riding a bike UP stairs.

Krystian Herba, a 33-year-old PE teacher from Poland, cycled up 3,139 steps in the Taipei 101 tower on his mountain bike to break his own record of 2,919 stairs that he set in Melbourne, Australia in February 2014. To reach the 3100+ steps he needed to break the record, Herba climbed up 60 floors and then had to take an elevator back down to the ground floor and start again, riding all the way up this time to the 91st floor. According to the Guiness regulations, during his elevator ride down Herba could not let any part of his body touch the ground or walls.

Herba took 2 hours and 13 minutes to break and set the new world record, and afterward told the Telegraph:

“This was absolutely the most difficult challenge ever in my life, but definitely this is my biggest success.”

Credit to Reuters.