Why Would DeMarco Murray Sign With the Eagles for 5 Years, $42 Million if Chip Kelly is a Racist?

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In this handout image provided by the NFL, DeMarco Murray of the Dallas Cowboys

(Photo by NFL via Getty Images)

If Chip Kelly is racist, then why would DeMarco Murray sign with the Philadelphia Eagles?

Because Chip Kelly is NOT a racist.

After the recent trading of running back LeSean McCoy, Stephan A. Smith was quick to suggest that head coach Chip Kelly might be racist, but the insinuation couldn’t be farther from the truth. The Eagles not only had their reasons for the recent trade, but had plenty of talent to choose from with the free agents that are on the market.

Former Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray has reportedly signed a 5-year, $42 million contract with the Eagles.

The 27-year-old had a career-best season, running for 1,845 yards and scoring 13 touchdowns in 2014.

If the deal is finalized, the Eagles will only be paying $2 million more for a much more productive running back than what they had in McCoy.

The Buffalo Bills just signed McCoy for five years, $40 million.