Derek Jeter: Coolest Sports Celebrity That Ever Lived

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Derek Jeter New York Yankee

Some super-star male athletes may have more rings than Jeter — not many though — but none are cooler.

In addition to his rings, in the history of sports, there has never been a bigger playboy than Jeter.

What makes that fact unbelievable is that he almost never ends up in the tabloids. Women never complain about him. They never have a bad word to say about him. Women never gossip about him. They never get snide or spiteful.

That could almost be expected if he hadn’t slept with half the hottest women in America.

It makes one wonder, how on Earth does he do it? No other athlete has been able to do it before him or sense!

So, he question isn’t whether Derek Jeter is the coolest athlete to ever play American sports, the question is, who is second?

Who Is/Was the Second Coolest Athelete Ever?

Joe Dimaggio


Credit: Wikipedia Commons

He’s on the list because he dated one woman that was more beautiful, more sexy and will forever be more famous than anyone Jeter ever sends a morning-after gift basket to, Marilyn Monroe. Unfortunately, Joe D had a honker of a nose an aunt eater would envy. Additionally, he was generally uncomfortable in social settings. He was popular because he played baseball, really,¬†really¬†well.

Women dated Joe because he was Joe Dimaggio, not because he was cool.