Derek Jeter’s Career Comes to an End

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Derek Jeter warms up at Fenway Park for his final game

Photo by Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Derek Jeter ended his professional baseball career on a positive note with an RBI single.

The future Hall of Fame shortstop announced Thursday (Sept. 25) that he would only DH in the final series of the regular season against the Boston Red Sox and would have liked to end his career at Yankee Stadium, but he felt that it was not fair to the fans in attendance at Fenway Park who bought tickets to see him a final time. Jeter even requested that the New York Yankees take batting practice on the field prior to the game. Most teams do not take batting practice on Sundays.

Before the game Sunday (Sept. 28), manager Joe Girardi said that Jeter planned on only having two at-bats, regardless of the results. In the top of the third inning and his second at-bat, Jeter hit a chopper to third that was unplayable–scoring Ichiro Suzuki.

Just like the walk-off at-bat to end his career at Yankee Stadium, it was only fitting that Jeter got a hit for the final at-bat of his career.

After motioning to the dugout that he was ready to come out of the game, Brian McCann, pinch-ran for Jeter so that the fans in attendance could honor him.

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Even though the Red Sox and Yankees have one of the biggest rivalries in sports, the fans from both teams put things aside and joined together in saluting Jeter and showing him their appreciation.

Back in NYC, the Empire State Building even showed appreciation for Derek Jeter, lighting up in blue and white pinstripes to honor the Yankees hero.

Empire State Building honors Derek Jeter


Thanks for the memories Derek.