Devin Hester Breaks NFL Record for Most Returned Touchdowns

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Devin Hetser of the Atlanta Falcons walks onto the field for an NFL game

Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Thursday night (Sept. 18) in Atlanta, Devin Hester became the all-time leader in returned touchdowns.

Hester broke Deion SandersNFL record of 19 with his 20th touchdown of his career. Not only was Sanders was in attendance, but he got to witness Hester breaking his record by honoring him with his signature move. Back in the day, when he played for the Falcons, Sanders would put his hand behind his head and strut into the end zone while returning a kickoff or punt.

Sanders and Hester have very much love and respect for one another. After the game, Hester thanked Sanders on live television for mentoring him and always being there for him. Sanders emotionally gave Hester a hug as tears filled his eyes.

Although Hester is contributing more to the team than just returning touchdowns (last night Hester had a forced fumble and a touchdown on a reverse), Hester is a specialist. And specialist don’t always make it into the Hall of Fame. However, if Hester continues to be the most impressive return man of all-time and continues to score touchdowns on returns, most likely he will have a place to call home in Canton, OH.