DMX vs Zimmerman: 3 Reasons Why This Fight Is a Bad Idea

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George Zimmerman vs. DMX in Celebrity Fight

And the strange saga of George Zimmerman continues.  Still enjoying his freedom, Zimmerman is still in a fighting mood and now wants to use his skills to help out a favorite charity.  Apparently, celebrity boxing promoter, Damon Feldman, made Zimmerman an offer he couldn’t refuse including money and more celebrity and Zimmerman was all too happy to snatch up the bait.  The deal includes George Zimmerman against an opponent (most likely DMX) in a 3 round boxing match set for March 1, 2014 at a yet to be determined venue.  The publicity stunt garnered over fifteen-thousand responses to the call for takers at their email [email protected]  Seems many Americans (or those who are interested) think Zimmerman may finally get the beat down he deserves and they are pulling up their ring-side chairs singing, ‘Dis Gon B Gud‘ y’all.

In this corner…

George Zimmerman a.k.a The Challenger who feels like fighting. At least that’s what he says. According to a report on TMZ he says he’ll fight anyone…even Black people. In case you’ve been on holiday in Antarctica and missed the story, George Zimmerman is the thirty year old Florida man who was tried and acquitted of murder charges for the death of Trayvon Martin last year.

Name:  George  Zimmerman

Age:  30

Profession:  Wannabe Celebrity, Worst kind of Vigilante

Weight:  Approximately 185 lbs.

And in the corner…

Enter DMX.  This well known rapper is prepared to throw his hat in the ring for the right price. Although some speculated that DMX would be entering the ring to fight Zimmerman on principle and to stand up for the Trayvon Martins everywhere, DMX is singing a different tune called, show me the money.  According to a TMZ report, he is not quite ready to commit to the deal.  DMX says, he’ll fight but he wants to talk money before he signs on the dotted line.  DMX a.k.a. Earl Simmons is a little older (43) than Zimmerman, but he knows how to handle himself so it seems he’ll be able to bring it.  DMX has had some substance abuse problems, but at least he acquired his celebrity status the old fashioned way–by selling a whole lot of records and becoming one of the top 10 best selling hip hop artist of all time.

Name:  DMX (Earl Simmons)

Age:   43

Profession:  Rapper, Actor

Weight:  Unknown

Why this fight is a bad idea

3.  Zimmerman is a bad guy; why would anyone celebrate that?

Something bad happened in Florida On February 26, 2012.  We weren’t there.  But the result of that day was the fatal shooting of an unarmed teenager by an over-zealous self-appointed vigilante who was eventually acquitted of second-degree murder.  Zimmerman has been accused of assaulting his wife, and his girlfriend with a shot gun and has had run-ins with the police.  Celebrity comes from the word celebrate and Zimmerman is no one to applaud.

2.  Damon Feldman fixes fights.

Celebrity Boxing promoter Damon Feldman has been charged with fixing boxing matches in the past and its not even clear whether he actually has a license to promote.  All we need is another check mark in Zimmerman’s win column due to a fixed deck.

1.  Worst timing ever–Happy Birthday Trayvon.

As if this whole boxing match idea isn’t tacky enough, Zimmerman’s camp decided to announce their chosen challenger on the eve of what would have been Trayvon Martin’s nineteenth birthday.  Totally insensitive.  Totally rude. Still all about the money.