Drinks On Serena–Wozniacki and Williams at the Bar After US Open

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What do you do when you beat one of your best friends at the U.S. open, garnering  your 18th Grand Slam Title? If you’re Serena Williams you buy your “bestie” and runner-up Caroline Wozniacki a few drinks at the bar. C’mon, it’s the least she could do.

The two Amazonian warriors fought a fierce battle on the court, but after Serena walked away with a 6-3 victory, Wozniacki sweetly announced in her post-match interview, “You’re an unbelievable friend…and you definitely owe drinks later.” Williams agreed, and this champ has clearly learned how to divorce her feelings from the field. Must be due to all of that endless competition with sister Venus.


Instagram @ serenawilliams

True to their words, fast forward six hours later, and the athletic duo are already posting sassy selfies with one another out at a NYC bar–as if they’d only played a teensy round of ping-pong. But, why not? Williams can afford to pick up the tab for the entire bar after her 5 million dollar victory, and both of them deserve a little celebration.

How about another round Serena? Of drinks, not tennis.