Ex-Baltimore Raven Jamal Lewis Sells Super Bowl Ring for $51K

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A Super Bowl ring that was given by Baltimore Ravens owner Stephen Bisciotti to former running back Jamal Lewis was sold for $50,820 in an auction Sunday morning (Feb. 8).

The ring was from Super Bowl XLVII (2012), and Lewis left the ravens in 2006. But Bisciotti gave rings to former Ravens who were a part of the team’s ring of honor. Lewis is considered a Ravens great, and was inducted in the ring of honor in 2012.

Speculation to why Lewis sold the ring comes from the fact that 35-year-old is suffering from financial difficulties. In 2012, Lewis filed for bankruptcy.

Ok, so Lewis needed the money. And he didn’t earn that ring by playing. But $50,820 for a ring?! How did he get that much, and are Super Bowl rings that high-priced?

First off, we know that the NFL gives winning Super Bowl teams $5,000 per ring for up to 150 rings. So as of right now, the ring is worth $5,000. Second, the owner of the team can contribute whatever they’d like on top to pay for the rings.

The ring that Lewis sold is made out of 10K white gold and has 3.75 carats worth of diamonds.

So let’s get something straight before you even try and factor your best guesstimate since you know how many carats of diamonds and you know that it’s 10k white gold. Sports memorabilia may be valued at particular price, but it is sold at whatever somebody is willing to pay for it! If you are the world’s biggest Jamal Lewis fan, and if money is no option, you might pay a lot more to get your hands on that ring!

Ken Goldin of Goldin Auctions, the pawn shop that Lewis sold the ring to, said, “Jamal is one of the all-time Ravens greats. This ring was hotly contested, and we saw a lot of interest from Ravens fans.”

We may not know exactly what the ring is valued at, but we know for damn certain that Lewis made a lot of money. He didn’t even pay anything into the ring anyways.

Just to give you an idea of the money that Lewis made, the second highest NFL ring to hit the auction went for $16,940. It was a 2008 AFC title ring by the New England Patriots given to Matt Estrella.

Oh, and Lewis, you better budget that money.