Federer and Djokovic Still on the Hunt for the US Open

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Jaime L. Mikle/Getty Image

Jaime L. Mikle/Getty Images

With the weekend here and the US Open coming to a close on Monday, Roger Federer[2] and Novak Djokovic[1] are both in the Men’s Singles-Semifinals. They both play today, but not against each other. This would mean if both of the #1 and #2 seeds don’t get upset, there could be one heck of a championship Monday evening.

The US Open, held in New York City, is the last of four major tennis tournaments (each major tournament known as a Grand Slam) of the year for professionals.

Federer and Djokovic have played each other 35 times. Federer with the advantage at 18-17. These two are considered a rivalry and are always expected to make the finals at every event. Federer has won the US Open five times and Djokovic once. You would think that Federer would be the favorite but a recent poll from ESPN.com shows Djokovic is the favorite 42%-41%.