FIFA Moves Qatar 2022 World Cup to November-December

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rab men sit at a shoemaker's stall with a replica of the FIFA World Cup trophy in the Souq Waqif

(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

If the World Cup in Qatar takes place in the summer months of June-July like they usually do, the soccer players will be competing in 100+ degrees of heat.

The average high in Qatar during the summer months is roughly 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Conditions are not only too unbearable to play in but to watch in as well. The average temperature in November-December is about 80 degrees.

According to Grant Wahl of Sports Illustrated:

Multiple sources say it’s a done deal that World Cup 2022 will take place in November and December of 2022 in Qatar. A FIFA task force will meet in Doha next week and make that recommendation, and the FIFA Executive Committee is set to make the decision final at its meeting in Zurich next month.

The games being played during the colder months will cause problems with major soccer leagues around the globe due to conflicting schedules. With the best players from the world taking part in the World Cup, there will be less appeal to watch other league games.

Next month there should be a schedule set in place. Should Qatar have won the 2022 bid to begin with?