Former Olympian Grant Hackett To Enter Rehab In The United States

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Grant Hackett

Source: The Sunday Telegraph

After a recent incident in a Melbourne, Australia hotel where Grant Hackett was discovered almost naked, searching frantically for his four year old son at 2 am, he has decided to fly to the United States and enter a rehab facility for his dependence on the sleeping aid Stilnox. Here are a some interesting facts about Hackett and his recent issues with drug addiction.

1. Hackett has been addicted to the drug Stilnox for over 3 years. Stilnox is recommended for a period of no more than a month, which begs the question, who is prescribing Stilnox to Hackett after three years?

Grant Hackett Addicted to Stilnox

The Courier Mail – Australia

2. Hackett sat down with family members in Australia and decided that the best thing he could do was enter a rehab facility. Together they decided that a facility in the United States was the best choice. His current location is unknown.

3. At 33 years old, Hacket has won three Olympic gold medals in his career. He won the men’s 1500 meter freestyle at the Sydney Olympics in 2000 and the same race in Athens in 2004. He was a third gold medal for his role in the men’s 4×200 meter relay in Sydney.

4. Hackett split from his wife Candice Alley back in 2011. He went into a drunken rage at their luxury apartment, trashing the whole place. Eight police cars were dispatched to the home to deal with Hackett as he was flipping out.

Grant Hackett Candice Alley and Twins


5. Stilnox combined with alcohol causes erratic, crazy behavior. Hackett was recently seen publicly drunk at a television rewards party. His behavior has been spiraling out of control for several years and the combination of Stilnox and alcohol seems like the obvious reason.

6. Hackett is a successful relationship banker with Westpac Australia. They approved a leave of absence for Hackett so that he could get treatment outside of the country.

7. Hackett often spends the night at the Casino Melbourne Hotel when he has visitation with his four year old twins Jagger and Charlize. This is where he was found wearing underwear and a singlet while frantically searching for his four year old son.

8. Jagger was found unharmed in the hotel on a different floor. There have been no reports explaining the incident.

9. Hackett’s family is confident that he will get the help he so desperately needs after this recent incident. His father Neville Hackett was blunt after the incident when Hackett tore up his apartment, “he’s a dickhead, but I love him”. He is supportive of his son at this time and just wants him to get help for his addictions.