Free Boston Red Sox Tickets For Shoveling Buried Fire Hydrants in Snow

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In case you don’t watch CNN, the Northeast has been getting hit with severe amounts of snow. Boston in particular.

There has been so much snow dumped on Bean Town that firefighters have had a difficult time finding fire hydrants. And after a building burned down Tuesday morning (Feb. 17) because firemen couldn’t get to a hydrant, the Boston Red Sox organization decided to take action.

The Red Sox announced yesterday that two tickets to a 2015 regular season game would be given out to a team of two who shovels out five hydrants– taking a before and after photo for proof. There must be three feet around the hydrant cleared out, and there is no shoveling into the street.

There are 13,683 fire hydrants in the city of Boston. Since announcing the ticket giveaway yesterday, 175 hydrants had been unburied.

The promotion ends today at 3 p.m.