Friars Club Roast: Boomer Esiason Takes the Stand

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Boomer Esiason Friars Roast

On January 30, Boomer Esiason was the star of the Friars Club Roast, which comes as no surprise since the Super Bowl is approaching on Sunday. Boomer is a former NFL Quarterback and a commentator with the NFL. He is also a radio host on WFAN, a weekday morning radio show. The event took place at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City during a luncheon. All of the proceeds went to benefit the Friars Foundation as well as the Snowflake Youth Foundation and Boomer’s Foundation.

According to Variety, Boomer was looking forward to the roast. He has experienced “heavier weights” than the comedians of the Friars, saying that he’s been crushed, knocked around and pummeled throughout his NFL career. He did have one warning, though: “Be prepared for my offensive.”

New Jersey governor, Chris Christie was the host of the luncheon and took his turn at a roast. He commented that he remembered seeing the quarterback in his days at the Meadowlands and booed him. He quipped “and I’m happy to boo him” again. Some of the others at the roast included Dan Marino, Bill Cowher, and Sam Wyche along with Jerry Lewis and Jeff Garlin.


Page Six makes a point to share the roast that Jeff Garlin made against Christie, saying that he hopes he at least “walks” for president. He comments that it would be great to have a round president inside the Oval Office. That comment won a lot of laughs from the audience.

Boomer is the latest recipient of the Friars roasting and this allows him to join ranks with other honorees that have included Betty White, Tom Cruise and Don Rickles. The Friars Club was proud to be given the honor of roasting Boomer while tying the theme of the Super Bowl together at the same time.

Boomer, throughout his career in the NFL and after, has been involved with charities, too. Started to focus on cystic fibrosis when his son received a diagnosis of CF in 1992 – and that’s when the Boomer Esiason Foundation was launched. Since it was created, more than $100 million has been raised to support research for a cure for the disease.

The roast was attended by a number of celebrities around the New York City area as well as many NFL players past and present. All were eager to watch the former NFL star and current commentator be roasted by some of the best comedic roasters on the planet. They all had their laughs and took jabs at each other.

Boomer, as promised, did get in some offensive moves at the end, though he had a good time throughout the event – and this was obvious by the permanent smile he had on while being roasted. The event helped to raise a significant amount of money for all of the different charities, including Boomer’s own. Now everyone has their spirits lifted to prepare for the other reason that everyone is in New York City…the Super Bowl.