The Hottest Young NFL Superstars

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Best Is Not Always The Most Exciting

While there are a select few players that are considered the best in the NFL, the likes of Brady, Peterson, Manning, and Watt, the best players in the NFL aren’t guaranteed to be the most exciting to watch every game, even every year. For example, Tom Brady, the QB closest to having four Super Bowl victories – a feat only two other QBs in NFL history have ever accomplished – had a rather pedestrian year.

The Hot Hand is the Most Exciting to Watch

The players that are most exciting to watch are those on hot streaks. Whether it’s an up-and-coming player or a no-name that’s taking advantage of his opportunities, the player on a hot streak is the one to watch. Often times, they are first and second year guys.

In no particular order, the 6 hottest rookies and second and third year players of the 2013-14 season were:

1. Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck Indianapolic Colts

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He’s the best young quarterback in the league, period, bar-none, no question. RG III went nuclear with his ”look at me” campaign in the offseason, never even pulled his team up to .500 and got benched at the end of the year; next Vince Young. Colin Kaepernick has too much Tony Romo/Brett Favre in him, i.e. all-world talent and Charlie Brown bad decisions with the football at the end of games.

The only young QB close to Luck is Russell Wilson whom is quickly being labeled a system QB. Luck has thrown for 2,000 more yards than Wilson in their first two years, has almost 200 more completions, on 300 more attempts (1). In short, Luck may end up being the best QB in the NFL in the next two seasons.