Indiana, Plus Referee, Beat The Heat In A Close Game

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If you saw last night’s game between the Miami Heat and Indian Pacers you could tell that was the best Playoff preview all year. It was as dirty and as physical as basketball can get. Personally I love when these two teams go head to head. I don’t think there’s any other team that stands a huge threat to Lebron James reigning as champion than the Indiana Pacers.

It was a dirty game though and here’s why.

There were at least 3 techs handed out; 2 to Lance Stevenson and 1 to Dwayne Wade.

Dwayne Wade Lance Stephenson

Indiana Pacers guard Lance Stephenson (1) stares down Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade (3) during an altercation-filled game
Photo: Pat Lovell, USA TODAY Sports

A flagrant foul was handed to Lebron James after elbowing Roy Hebert on a drive to the basket.

Oh did I mention the missed foul and shot calls? This might sound a bit biased but in my eyes the Heat actually one last night’s game by at least 2 points and here is why.

During A Miami heat possession, a referee tripped LeBron on the foot where he fell and lost the ball. Call there? …a turnover!

Mario Charmers was pushed/fouled out of the baseline. Call there? Out of Balance.

Dwayne Wade made a last minute 3 point shot. Call there? No points were counted. It was ruled his foot went out of the line.  The replay video later showed his foot was planted right within the line. The score was never corrected.

Many of the calls last night shouldn’t have been. Lance Stevenson didn’t deserve a technical foul talkless of two and he should have stayed in the game. Referees should know before hand when these two teams go head to head it’s going to be a very dirty grind, just let the game play out and let the viewers enjoy what they paid to watch.