Is Stephen A. Smith Suggesting That Race Plays a Role in Chip Kelly’s Roster Moves Correct?

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Stephen A. Smith did it again.

The co-host of ESPN’s First Take makes outrageous remarks all the time, but when you bring up racism – it can get a little controversial.

In an NFL offseason that hasn’t been short on surprises, the recent trade of Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy came as a shock. Then wide receiver Jeremy Maclin signed with the Kansas City Chiefs. And like Smith says in the video, but Riley Cooper stays?

To set the record straight, LeSean McCoy and head coach Chip Kelly weren’t exactly best pals. And McCoy’s numbers dropped last season. He even bounced too many outside runs. McCoy is replaceable. And as for Jeremy Maclin…he was a free agent! The Eagles could not afford him. The top rated receiver was paid more money to go to the Kansas City Chiefs. He is even reunited with his former Eagles coach Andy Reid. And where did DeSean Jackson come from? Does Smith really think the organization is going to just watch one of the best players in the league go for no reason other than because Chip says so? No.

Now as for Riley Cooper, you should agree: after what he did, why is he still there?

So was race a factor? Who really knows? But chances are that it’s not. Business is business.

Check out what Smith had to say before going on the air for his radio show.

So what do you think?