Jameis Winston is Back

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Jaemis Winston and Sean Maguire on the field against Clemson

Sean Maguire (L) and Jameis Winston on the field against Clemson
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Florida State University Seminoles’ Jameis Winston is back and returned to practice Monday (Sept. 22).

Winston, Heisman trophy winner and BCS national champion, was suspended after standing on top of a table in the Student Union and shouting a vulgar, sexually explicit phrase. Initially, the suspension was half a game but after matching witness accounts didn’t match with what Winston says he said, it was increased to a one-game suspension.

Winston may not have played but he had plenty of media attention. During warmups, Winston came out dressed in full gear and tried to warmup as if he wasn’t suspended. Head coach Jimbo Fisher was infuriated and sent Winston back into the locker room to change.

Florida State University, or FSU, came into the game with a 2-0 record and the No. 1  ranking in college football. With Winston out and the Seminoles facing Clemson, their toughest opponent in the regular season, backup quarterback Sean Maguire took the snaps.

Maguire had two interceptions in the  23-17  OT win against Clemson. FSU remains undefeated.