Jets Sign Michael Vick — AFC East Snickers

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The New York Jets signed Michael Vick to a one-year, $5 million deal at the beginning of the third week in March. While may Jets fans seem smitten with the idea and look forward to watching him take the field for the 2014-15 season, the fact is, it’s just further proof of the ridiculousness that is the New York Jets.

There are five reasons the New York Jets signing Michael Vick wasn’t just a bad move, but could be the last straw that finally costs Rex Ryan his career.

5) Completion Percentage

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Simply, Vick can’t complete passes. Maybe he has problems seeing over the line and that affects his completion percentage because he can’t see the open receivers in the middle. Maybe he has to throw side-arm to throw around his linemen and that what hurts his numbers. Maybe both. Maybe he scrambles to extend plays and throws on the run and that hurts his accuracy. Maybe he just can’t always put the ball where he want to place it.

Maybe, maybe, maybe, but there is one certainty, he has only completed over 60% of his passes once in his 13 year career. Three times he has completed 50% or lower.

4) Passing Yards Per Game

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Yes, there is obviously a correlation between passing percentage and passing yards per game, but Vicks career yards per game is so stunningly low that it merits its own conversation: 168 yards/game career average.

To put it into perspective, all 32 teams in the NFL averaged more passing yards per game in the 2013-14 season than Vick has averaged over his career. That means that if the Jets start Vick next year, they can expect to be 32nd in passing yards per game next year.

3) Rushing Yards per Game

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It is tempting to argue that Vick makes up for his lack of passing yards by rushing the ball, but it’s not true. Last year he had 306 total rushing yards. That was good enough for 61 in the league.

Consider this, Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick both had over 525. Cam Newton and Terrelle Pryor both had over 575 yards. In other words, he’s no longer an elite rushing QB in the league.

Heck, Andrew Luck and Geno Smith both had over 365 and they are pocket passers!

2) New York Media

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Yea, yea, yea, Vick paid his debt to society. Vick has been a model citizen recently. Vick is a changed man… bla, bla, bla. The thing is, Vick wasn’t always a model citizen and his changing his behavior doesn’t change his past.

The New York Media is like no other animal in the media world. The New York Media are a bunch of pit bulls and they’re going to ask Vick about his. Regardless of how Vick has reinvented himself in the last few years, he still brings baggage, the PETA Circus among other things.

The Jets’ Rex Ryan is a three-ring circus in and of himself. Combining Vick and Ryan can not be a good idea. When the fans and the press get tired of Vick losing, they’re going to resort back to the elephant in the room, Vick’s pit bull fighting ring.

1) And Vick and the Jets Aren’t Going to Win

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Vick has won only 54% of his games as a pro. That means the Jets can expect to go 9-7 this year. That’s one more game than the Jets won last year. It would not have been good enough last year to earn a wild card spot. Even if they do, in Vicks five total career playoff games, he has won the same number as Rex Grossman, two.

1A) Always Hurt


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Throughout his career, Vick has been side-lined because of injury 39% of the time.