Kansas City Royals Beat White Sox For Playoff Berth

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Kansas City Royals clinched playoffs

Photo by Brian Kersey/Getty Sport Images

The Kansas City Royals have clinched a playoff berth for the first time since 1985.

On Friday night (Sept. 26), the Royals beat the Chicago White Sox 3-1 to secure at least a wild card. The Royals previously held the record for a North American team’s longest drought from making the playoffs at 29 years.

The Royals celebrated their win on the field with Royals fans that were in attendance in Chicago who chanted and celebrated at the victory.  The team then retreated to the clubhouse to celebrate, popping champagne and posing for photographs  After, they came back onto the field to continue the celebration with their fans.

In recent time, the Royals have been the laughing stock of the MLB league. However, the last time they were in the playoffs, they won the World Series. Hopefully, they can do that again this year.