Kevin Hart Tells Jameis Winston, ‘Stop Doing Dumb S**t’

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If you follow sports, especially college football, then you know that Jameis Winston has done some dumb s**t in the past– and Kevin Hart wasn’t afraid to tell him that straight up.

The comedian was in Tallahassee for a show and afterwards he met up with the Florida State University football team. While hanging with the boys he didn’t refrain from making jokes at the 2013 Heisman Trophy winner’s expense.

Winston is not only one of the top college football players in the country, but one of the most controversial. In only his second year of playing college football for the Seminoles, Winston has been disciplined for vulgar language on campus, accused of theft, and even accused of rape. The star quarterback is seriously ruining his reputation, and even worse, subsequently damaging his NFL draft stock.

If you haven’t heard, Winston was caught allegedly stealing crab-legs from a grocery store. But Winston swears that he simply forgot to pay for them.

Well, Sunday (Nov. 16) Hart blasted Winston, telling him that he needs to “stop doing dumb s**t,” and then even cracked a crab-legs joke.

Winston didn’t look too comfortable in the video, so hopefully Hart got through to him.