Kimbrel Mocked by Phillies Fans

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Atlanta Braves closer, Craig Kimbrel, has one of the most unique stances in baseball. And the Phillies fans in Philadelphia tried to use it to their advantage.

In the bottom of the 9th-inning, up 4-2, the Braves brought in Kimbrel to close the game. However, the pitcher did not expect to see a cohort of mockers.

Behind home plate, several Phillies fans began to mimic Kimbrel’s stance–trying to distract him.

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Kimbrel was able to get out of the inning and secure the win for the Braves, but the mimicking almost worked. He threw three pitches that where way off target, including a past ball that came close to costing the Braves a run. After the game Kimbrel denied seeing the fans making fun of him, saying:

“I was locked in to doing what I was supposed to do. “But yeah, that was actually kind of funny.”

Whether Kimbrel saw the impersonators or not, there were three wild pitches that were thrown. And that is not like the elite pitcher, suggesting that maybe he was a little rattled.