LeBron James Sends Shoes to Spelling Bee Champ

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Gokul Venkatachalam at the 2015 Scripps Spelling Bee

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

When Gokul Venkatachalam was interviewed after he was named co-champion at the 88th Scripps National Spelling Bee, he said was hoping to get a shoe endorsement.

Well he might not have gotten the contract, but he at least got the gear. LeBron James sent Venkatachalam a pair of Nike LeBron 11 Elite player exclusives and a pair of LeBron 12 All-stars signed “Congrats on being spelling ‘B’ champ.” The shoes also came with Cavs gear, Beats headphones, and other perks.

We know LeBron can be quite the giver when it comes to cool gear, so we can all hope we might be—one day—on his gift-giving list.