LeBron James: “The Best I’ve Ever Been”

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LeBron Says He’s Never Been Better

LeBron James in 2015

Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

After some prodding by the media yesterday, LeBron James came out and said what some have already been saying this postseason: “If you put everything together. As far as my mind, my body, my game, you put everything in one bottle, it’s probably the best I’ve been.”

This a bold statement when you consider the performances James has put together over the past regular and postseasons. However is this best James’s has been in postseason?

Looking at the numbers, it is hard to say he is. He is averaging only 24.4 points per 36 minutes, this postseason, which is fifth in his career. His rebound and assist numbers are above his averages, but he is also shooting a paltry 17.6% from three.

Perhaps the biggest difference this year to others is how little James has had to play, only 570 minutes compared with an average of 907 when he was with Miami. This lack of minutes is due to how little resistance the Cavs faced in the Easter Conference playoffs, with second and third round series being particularly short.

While it’s hard to say this is James’s best postseason, he seems to be in that mode that we became used to seeing in Miami, where he can seemingly steamroll any opposition.