Matt Light’s Take on Deflategate

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Matt Light to Combat Deflategate Head On

Matt Light with the Patriots in 2007

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Matt Light’s career was about protecting Tom Brady and just because he has hung up the cleats, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have that responsibility.

Matt Light was a mainstay on the Patriots’ offensive line from 2001 to 2011 — making three Pro Bowls and starting 153 games. Now, he’s pretty mad about Deflategate. He wants to set the record straight and take on all the people who have dared disrespecting Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, or the Patriots organization.

The outrage over Deflategate has differed from those who think nothing happened with the footballs to those thinking it was heavy-handed punishment by Roger Goodell based on the evidence. It is unclear where he comes down exactly on the issues, whether if he thinks the process has been unfair or if he wants to puts on his tinfoil hat and take the conspiracy theory route.

However, he wants to bear the flag to all those who have sat back and criticized the team and Brady. According to Light: “I’m going to put a target on my chest, I’m going to go after everyone that wants to have a conversation about Deflategate. So find me; I’m going to be available for the next two weeks, and we’re going to get it on.”

It is unclear what form this media barnstorm will take, but Light gave a few sneak peaks at his arguments: “have you ever seen cheaters put in as much time as Bill and his staff have put in every single day, day in and day out?”

Another reason for Light’s statement is an attempt to raise money for his not-for-profit organization called, “the Light Foundation,” by raffling a trip to see Brady return from suspension week 6 against Indianapolis. The raffle also includes an autographed football by Tom Brady where it’s ‘inflated to your PSI standards.”