One Country, Under Goal – USA World Cup Fever

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Could it get any more patriotic? The 4th of July is right around the corner and the US is playing Belgium TODAY! OMG! Everyone will be watching this death match! The losers will be sent home! You heard me! The US has a terrific opportunity to make the World Cup quarter-finals for the first time in 12 years if they beat Belgium. Fingers crossed everyone. The US faces a tough test against the Red Devils. From top to bottom, Belgium’s roster is filled with players from decorated European clubs. Let’s not give up our hopes!

All of America will be watching to see if the US team can conquer Les Diables Rouges at the Arena Fonte Nova, Salvador. The main man to watch during the game will be Clint Dempsey. He has scored 2 goals in the 3 games! Go Dempsey!

It is fair to say that the World Cup is the most-watched sporting event on earth! Everyone will be cheering:

I believe…

I believe that…

I believe that we…

I believe that we will win! I believe that we will win! I do believe that we will win!

Even celebrities have shown support during the last 3 games. They have definitely shown how patriotic they can be! Can’t wait to see how celebs cheer on their team today. Here is the celeb fan gallery:


Jessica Biel