Phil Hughes One Out Shy of $500,000 Bonus

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Phil Hughes delivers pitch to Chicago White Sox

Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

Phil Hughes‘ wallet will be half-a-million dollars lighter thanks to a rain delay.

The starting pitcher has a 16-10 record and a 3.52 ERA in his first season for the Minnesota Twins after signing a three-year, $24 million contract. Hughes, 28, has in his contract that if he throws 210 innings or more in a season, he will receive a $500,000 bonus. He is already earning a $250,000 bonus for throwing over 180-innings, but $500,000 is a lot of money to miss out on due to a little rain.

After throwing 8 strong innings, Hughes was forced to come out of the game after an hour long rain delay. Leaving Hughes at 209 2/3 innings thrown, only one out shy of 210. Twins manager Ron Gardenhire said he would have brought Hughes back out to the mound for the ninth inning, but the rain delay was too long and the game was too close to risk getting the loss in what resulted as a Twins 2-1 win.

Hughes had only thrown 96 pitches, but it is considered too dangerous to a pitcher’s arm to continue throwing after such a long break.

The starting pitcher will not get another start this season for there are only 4 games remaining on the schedule. Hughes could make an appearance in a game, but Gardenhire has already told reporters that Hughes will not come out of the bullpen this year. Not only is it not the manager’s job to get individual players more money, but it could cost him his job as well.

Hughes may have missed out on some extra cash, but he should keep his head up. With 186 strikeouts and only 16 walks, Hughes broke an MLB record this season and is now the all-time leader for the best strikeout-to-walk ratio at 11.63.