UPDATE: Charlie Sheen Gives His 2¢ about McCoy’s 20¢ Tip

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Charlie Sheen is putting in his 2¢ worth about the whole McCoy 20¢ tip controversy. Sheen tweeted:

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Still no further word from McCoy and his camp.

UPDATE: 10 September 2.56PM EST



Yes. You read that correctly.

LeSean McCoy, multimillionaire and star NFL running back for the Philadelphia Eagles, left twenty cents for a tip at a restaurant Monday afternoon.

The owner of the Philadelphia burger restaurant PYT posted the picture of the receipt on their facebook page. The server, Rob Knelly, told NJ.com that McCoy and his three friends were being loud.

“As soon as they sat down, they were pretty rude,” Knelly said. “I asked some questions; they weren’t really responsive. They were cursing, making derogatory comments. I put their order in and forgot one of their appetizers, which I apologized for. They ordered things and, once they got it, said ‘We ain’t eating this s—. We don’t want it.'”

The Philadelphia Daily News reached out to McCoy for comment but all that McCoy would say was, “It’s bull—-.”

Drew Hallowell/Getty Image

Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

In 2012 McCoy signed a five-year contract extension worth $45 million. Leaves one to wonder why McCoy purposely left Rob a 20¢ tip.

You’d think that the burger joint would be getting plenty of support from the public, but actually the restaurant is catching a lot of flak for exposing McCoy’s receipt as it’s unprofessional. What do you think?