Rory McIlroy’s Unique Training Technique

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Rory McIlroy v. Robot

Rory McIlroy has done some amazing work on the golf course this season. He recently won three tournaments, two of which were major championships. Now a PGA champion and an Open champion, McIlroy’s game puts him at the top of golf rankings. All we have yet to see from McIlroy is a win at The Masters.

Fans are paying $52,000 to own his winning golf ball. “Maybe this is Rory’s thing. If he wins the PGA on Sunday, some lucky fan might have another $50,000 ball.” What exactly is Rory’s thing though. Possibly his only competitor could be a robot.



His style of play is aggressive and driven. His powerful swing allows him to make birdies early and get out to an early lead. With his newfound confidence, it makes it difficult to outplay McIlroy throughout the entirety of the weekend. His precision is as good as any. He can hit a washing machine from a hundred yards away. McIlroy closed out this season with a dominant performance and I cannot wait to watch him play in the Ryder Cup.

It was a long road for McIlroy to get the skill level he is at now. It all began on the show You Saw Them Here First, where we saw young McIlroy chip into a washing machine. Truly a remarkable moment that reminded me of Kevin Costner’s role in Tin Cup. At a young age, McIlroy accomplished what one considers to be a task that would require a vast amount of skill, which he performed with ease.

Well now, the golf legend battles off against a robot and his precision is on point.

Check out the video below to find out who wins.

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