Russell Westbrook to Reporter, ‘I Just Don’t Like You’

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Russell Westbrook had a superb game Friday (Jan. 16). But after the game, he sure didn’t act like he did.

The point guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder had a triple-double in the win at home against the visiting Golden State Warriors, scoring 17 points, having a career-high 17 assists and matching a career best with 15 rebounds. However, afterwards, his post-game interview was something you would expect after a loss or a terrible performance.

In a Marshawn Lynch style interview, Westbrook was rather short with the reporters. He even answered questions with “good job of execution” six different times in 90 seconds.

Midway through the interview, Westbrook was asked if he was upset. He then responded with , “Nah. I just don’t like you.”

The reporter for The Oklahoman who Westbrook doesn’t “like” wrote a negative story in May about teammate Kevin Durant, giving him the title “Mr. Unreliable.”

Westbrook is known for his dislike of interviews, but why Westbrook would deny a proper interview to the other reporters is still unclear.