Sam Bennett’s Biggest Struggle

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At this year’s NHL Scouting Combine in Toronto, the top-ranked North American central scouting hockey player, Sam Bennett, failed at doing a single pull-up. According to Bennett, his performance was a disappointment but “ultimately games aren’t won or lost if you can do a pull-up in the gym.”

When asked what would set him apart from the rest of the young NHL prospects, Bennett believed in the combination of his hockey sense along with his “compete level,” before correcting himself with the statement “I think I compete as hard, if not harder, than anyone else.”

Hockey players are not known for their conversational skills but rather their extreme level of fitness and ability to take a beating. In fact, size does matter when playing this brute sport. This left-handed center will most likely be drafted 7 days after his 18th birthday because of his 91 point performance in 57 games with the Kingston Frontenacs, but I think his path to success in the NHL will take a much larger toll on Bennett who I’m sure will get a bit of a shock when he hits the ice with the big guns.

Regardless of the score of the game, I believe Bennett will have a harder time pulling himself back up on the ice than he did off the ice at the scouting combine.

The NHL takes no prisoners.

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