Suárez Goes for Third Course at World Cup!

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A Man Eating Soccer Player

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You may never see the number 9 worn by a Uruguay player in the World Cup again. It has been stigmatized by the Mike Tyson of soccer, Luis Suárez. Suárez has bitten several players, made racist remarks towards opponents, and used unsportsmanlike conduct in the past, attempting to win soccer matches. Yesterday he embarrassed himself and his country when he aggressively bit Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini. His soccer skills are highly noted but his sportsmanship is poor. There appears to be no more room for that any longer in the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA).


The infamous Uruguayan soccer player has been penalized in the past at the 2010 World Cup, when he purposely used his hand to prevent a Ghana goal near the end of the quarterfinals. Suarez received a red card but Ghana missed the penalty kick and was eliminated.

Suárez is known worldwide for having a history of unusual, violent conduct. On three separate occasions he has bitten someone in a match. FIFA vice-president Jim Boyle, who is also chairman of the FIFA referees’ committee, said, “[t]here is no doubt Luis Suarez is a fantastic footballer but, once again, his actions have left him open to severe criticism. FIFA must investigate the incident seriously.”

Suárez’s first bite victim was Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanović, where he grabbed hold of his arm and chomped down on it.

Check out the gruesome act in this video below.

During a match in 2010 in Holland, while playing for Ajax, Suarez’s seven game suspension was enforced for biting his second victim, PSV Eindhoven’s midfielder Otman Bakkal, on the shoulder.

Luis Suárez bites Otman Bakkal

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Since his latest attack his name has gone viral all over twitter. Suárez has shown little sympathy for his biting stunt and behavior that occurred during the World Cup match against Italy.


Suarez Biting Habit

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The only concern he seems to have is what his children will think of him as reported by the Mirror newspaper in London:

“That thought almost hurts me more than the actual deed. The fact, as well, that I will have to explain one day to my kids that it was me, their father,” Suarez said. “That has kept me awake at night many times … I want to be a father they can be proud of.”

Actions would speak louder than words and I really hope that FIFA will send this athlete to a play a different sport. I wonder how Suárez would match up against Takeru Kobayashi in the sport of competitive eating.

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