The NFL Unveils a New Drug Policy, Welker Allowed to Play

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Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The NFL and players’ union have come to an agreement that the NFL will now test for HGH. Also, players will no longer be banned for taking illegal substances in the off-season. This means that the three players that were suspended for four games who took illegal substances in the off-season (Wes Welker, Orlando Scandrick, Stedman Bailey) are now allowed to play. Players who test positive for illegal substances during the season will continue to get four game suspensions.

Additional amendments were made to the drug policy to take into consideration the severity of the offense on a case-by-case basis, moving away from a ‘one-size fits all’ penalty.

The NFL is trying to clean up the game and make it a more fair game. Also, recognizing that certain performance-enhancing drugs are more extreme than others.

When asked to comment, Bailey said:

”We are talking about cleaning up our game and keeping a clean game. We are not cleaning up our game if we are suspending guys for stimulants and not testing guys for human growth hormones.”

It is also important to send a message to student-athletes that performance-enhancing drugs are dangerous and should not be used.