Tommy Lasorda Dances and Sings to ‘Turn Down for What’

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Turn down for what?!

A video posted by Thomas Charles Lasorda (@tommy2lasorda) on

Nothing better than an old man lettin’ loose.

Before we get into why the Hall of Fame baseball manager was dancing and singing, let’s break down what the heck “turn down” means.

To “turn up” means that you are consuming alcohol and drugs, primarily marijuana, and having a good time. So naturally, to “turn down” means to sober up. So the title of the popular 2014 song “Turn Down for What” by DJ Snake and Lil Jon means “Why sober up?”

However stupid the song may seem – let alone how annoying the ‘beat’ is – it is funny that a man as esteemed as Lasorda, and at age 87, is singing that song.

The video has since gone viral, but it has no real meaning and was posted on social media just for kicks.

All that was missing from the video was Lasorda with a backwards hat on. And maybe some gin and juice.