Trevor Ariza Says He Could Beat Micahel Jordan 1-on-1

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Yesterday, Houston Rockets’ small forward Trevor Ariza was asked a provocative question that has been making its way around the NBA: “Could you beat Michael Jordan 1-on-1?”

And Ariza responded in the affirmative. While it’s a pretty believable response given, as Ariza points out, Jordan is 52 and Ariza is only 29, people will view it as a massive slight to Jordan.

The notoriously competitive Jordan hasn’t been shy about letting people know that he’s still got it. He has routinely come out and said he could take various players on his own team, which perhaps says more about his skills as GM than as a player.

But no matter how much Jordan thinks of his skills, my money is on the younger guy who, ya know, still plays professional basketball

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