Video: Hornets Fan Gets Face Crushed With Unexpected Basketball

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Warning: Objects may fly into the stands from the field of play.

During a Charlotte Hornets, Sacramento Kings game a fan had a front row view of the BASKETBALL game.

After a pass got away from the players, this poor woman probably wished that she had been paying attention to the game.

The footage of the basketball crushing her face is hilarious (let’s be honest), but you can’t help but feel bad for her.

However, after seeing the video in slow mo, you can’t feel all that bad…

The aftermath of what happened almost seems like it isn’t real, as if it’s from a movie – the hair, the glasses flying off, the head getting knocked back, and then the ripple effect of the loose skin on her face all the way down to her jowls.

Thankfully she only walked away with a bloody nose.

We’re sorry lady, but the video footage of this incident going viral is just too funny. We hope you’ve learned to just laugh at yourself!