Wisconsin Badgers Football Release Video of Chris Farley as ‘Matt Foley’

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Unless you wanna be living in a van down by the river, you should attend the University of Wisconsin.

At least, that’s what Matt Foley in a Wisconsin sweatshirt says.

In a humorous effort to recruit students to come play football at Wisconsin, the Badger Football squad posted this 12-second clip of Chris Farley in his infamous Saturday Night Live character Matt Foley.

If you don’t remember the skits, Matt Foley is a motivational speaker– and not because he is a good role model.

Whether or not this post on their Twitter account helps attract top athletes, it’s nonetheless hilarious.

Check out a clip of the motivational speaker himself on what is considered the greatest SNL skit of all time.

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Chris Farley was born in Madison (where the campus of Wisconsin is located) and attended Marquette University in Milwaukee.