Allen Iverson Practice Rant Revelation

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Allen Iverson Drunk at Practice Rant

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“We’re talking about practice” are the four words that will live and define Allen Iverson. At 6 feet tall, Allen Iverson is the best scorer pound for pound in NBA history. However, he is also going to be remembered for a laundry list of various misdirections, one of which being his infamous non-explanation as to why he missed practice.

Kent Babb interviewed multiple people in the Philadelphia 76ers organization for his biography, Not a Game: The Rise and Fall of Allen Iverson, about the fateful press conference and came away with one poignant fact about that day: Allen Iverson was sauced.

Looking back, it all seems very plausible. Iverson’s long battle with depression and various addictions, including alcoholism, have surfaced over the past few years as his career and financial situation have deteriorated. Babb’s book dives deep into the life of Iverson, showing whirlwind pain and struggle off the court, from his problems with addiction to his abusive relationship with his wife.

Iverson was seemingly living out a Greek tragedy: the more success he had on the court, the deeper the demons became off it.

The biography attempts to give the full picture of the most contentious player of his time. Iverson was born with a chip on his shoulder. He hated practice, alienated teammates and coaches and burnt bridges everywhere, but when the lights came on he would do stuff that nobody else could. Deadspin did wrote a nice summary of the biography here

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