Unusual: Arizona State’s Johnny Sewald Catches Fastball

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Arizona State hosted Washington State for a three game series this weekend as the college baseball season winds down. In the sixth inning, Washington State’s Layne Bruner got too far inside with a fastball on ASU’s outfielder Johnny Sewald and hit him.

After the ball essentially vanished for a split second, it reemerges in Sewald’s hand, and he tosses in back to Bruner as he casually walks to first.

When getting hit by a pitch, some batters might try and flex their muscles and say something to the pitcher; not Sewald who might as well have gotten bit by a mosquito instead of getting drilled in the ribs.

It’s hard to tell if its more impressive by Sewald or embarrassing for Bruner as someone could actually catch his fastball. Either way the announcer can barely believe his eyes, ‘Do it, Johnny’ indeed.

Arizona State would win the game on freshman Andrew Snow’s walk off in the 11th inning.