Buccaneers’ William Gholston Repays Gas Station Attendant for Helping Him 5 Years Ago

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ William Gholston is one heck of a guy.

After five years, the defensive end walked into a gas station in Detroit to return a favor.

While in high school, Gholston ran out of gas and walked into a nearby station without any money. The attendant, Mohamed Gabasha, gave Gholston a container of gas and drove him back to his car.

Then on Friday night (April 10), Gholston wandered back into that same station hoping Gabasha was still there working– and there he was. The 23-year-old thanked Gabasha for what he did that day and handed the him a $100 bill.

“It was amazing, how he actually came back,” Gabasha told The Tampa Bay Times. “He just said ‘Thank you for that day.’ It was really, really nice.”

Nothing better than a professional athlete giving back to the community.