‘Churro Dog’ to be Served at Arizona Diamondbacks’ Chase Field

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Being an Arizona Diamondbacks fan has never been sweeter.

The D-Backs have announced that the concession stands at Chase Field will feature a new concoction– the Churro Dog.

The new dessert addition at the ball park consists of frozen yogurt sitting on top of a warm cinnamon churro in a Long John chocolate-glazed donut topped with whipped cream, caramel and chocolate sauces.

This treat will sell for $8.50 and is estimated to have – prepare yourself – 1,117 calories.

Desserts are popular in Arizona due to the hot climate, so the Churro Dog should sell just fine.

However delicious the treat may look, there is one sad truth to matter – more people might actually be showing up at Chase Field for the Churro Dog rather than to see a D-Backs game.