Cleveland Browns Unveil New Franchise Logos and Colors

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The Cleveland Browns have updated their helmets, colors, and Dawg Pound logo. But there isn’t that much of a change.

The NFL team will introduce the new uniforms on April 14, but we all got a glimpse of what to expect today (Feb. 24).

For starters, the color orange will be a little oranger. The brighter orange is intended to represent the passion of the Dawg Pound– the diehard fans that sit in a specific area of the stadium. And speaking of dogs, the logo of the mascot is a little more cartoonish. Also, the facemask will be brown, meant to represent the “strength and toughness” of Cleveland.

With the 30th anniversary of the Dawg Pound coming up, it was the organization’s decision to revamp things.

You think Chomps likes the new Dawg Pound logo?