Dean Potter Killed in BASE Jumping Accident

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Dean Potter Found Dead in Yosemite Park After BASE Jumping Accident

Dean potter in 2003

Photo by David Cannon/Laureus via Getty Images

Dean Potter was found dead in Yosemite Park after a failed serial descent from Taft Point. Graham Hunt, who also attempted the jump with Potter, was also found dead. Potter and Hunt were reported missing Saturday night after they failed to return from their attempt to descend from Taft Point into Yosemite Valley, roughly 3,500 feet. The two men were reportedly using wing-suits for their trek downward and were found at different points.

Potter had become renowned for his BASE jumping as well as his climbing, tightrope walking and wing-suit stunts. As a Yosemite resident, he made multiple first ascents up straight rock faces, often without and ropes or safety devices. Potter created his own sport which he called freebasing, a combination of free climbing (climbing without any ropes or harness) and BASE jumping (parachuting from a high point such as a building or peak.)

He claims his desire to attempt these death-defying challenges culled from childhood where he had an intense fear of falling to his death. Ever since he has been on a journey to turn something as terrifying and helpless as falling into something as majestic as flying. Below he talks about his fears and what motivates him.

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